Disability Support Services | Groups

Disability Support Services | Groups

What do Disability Support Services and Groups do?

Disability Support Services and Groups offer support, information, and inclusion workshops. These Services will support the person with the disability, their family members, and their Carer.

How can Disability Services help?

Facing life with a disability or supporting someone with a disability can be exceedingly difficult and isolating. Disability support services and groups understand the challenges that the individual and their family/carer are facing. These groups can offer advice, inclusive workshops, and suggest what other services are available in their local area.

Why would I access this service?

There are many reasons that access to these services and groups are so essential. You may have grown up with a disability, but your needs have changed, or you may have moved to a new area and need to establish a new network. These groups offer priceless local knowledge and give you quick access to new networks. Or, if disability suddenly becomes part of your life, access to support groups can be enabling. For instance, they have accumulated years of experience and diversity; they are informative and can help grow your network. By improving your knowledge of your local area, you can make better choices. For example, access to such Services and Groups could help you focus on your abilities and minimize your focus on the disability.

Here are the stats

According to some of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare site statistics state:

  • An estimate that 1 in 6 Australians have a disability.
  • Sadly 1 in 10 people with disabilities experienced discrimination in the last year.
  • During this same period, 2 in 3 disabled people under 65 visited a medical specialist, as stated in their health statistics.
  • 53% of disabled people who are between 15 to 64 are currently in the workforce.

We are all looking to live our best life.