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Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes.  Paid subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.  We'll send you a reminder on the week before it is time to renew and if you wish to cancel your subscription, log into your PayPal account and cancel the WeFind Subscription, your listing will go back to a WeFind controlled listing. If you wish to cancel your advertisement altogether, just contact us and we will remove your listing from our system.

How do I edit my listing or change my subscription type?

You can edit your listing as often as you like from "MY ITEMS" tab

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription type from the "ACCOUNT" tab.

1. Log in
2. Click on MY ITEMS to edit your items (listings, events, special offers)
3. Click on MY ACCOUNT to upgrade or downgrade subscription

*Please note. To cancel outright a paid subscription, you need to cancel your subscription to WeFind in your PayPal account.


How do I advertise a Promotional Article or Event?

If you are a Platinum subscriber with us, you get to publish 1 full article and have 1 current Event listed.  If you don't have a Platinum subscription with us, we can still promote you.  Contact us to discuss your options.
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How do I claim a listing?

Just click on the "Claim Listing" button, select your package (Free, Silver, or Platinum) and hold tight, we'll be in touch with you shortly to confirm your business ownership.  After we have confirmed you are the business owner, you can log in edit your information and view all the new options available to you from your control panel. 

How long is a subscription for?

Our subscription is on a monthly basis.  If you no longer wish to be subscribed, just log in to your Paypal and unsubscribe before the monthly renewal date (we send you an email) arrives.  When you unsubscribe, your listing will revert to a WeFind managed listing.

How should I format my images?

Image Size - Please keep image size under 500kb

For a Logo: 1120 (wide) x 900 (wide) px  

For a Banner:  We recommend using landscape format image that are between 1500 (wide) x 1200px (high) or 2500 x 2000px. Images smaller than 1500 pixels may appear blurry or pixelated when they stretch to fill containers.

*The same image may be used in different areas of the website at once. For example a featured image of post displayed in header of post is also in the list of posts displayed , on Archive page, or in a sidebar. In all of these places the image needs to be re-sized. It is not effective (mainly because of website load speed) to show image in full size in a place where small image is enough – for example in sidebar.  That’s why you may find an image has been cropped to the size necessary for a specific place.

So if your image looks blurry, you should use larger image. Because in place where is expected for example 600px wide image you are using small image wide about 200px, your image is extended to 600px and it makes the image look blurry.


I have an unclaimed listing on your site. What can I do with it?

An unclaimed listing has minimal information. The unclaimed listing is not monitored or updated and can be removed by WeFind at any time.  If you wish to have more options and to control your information on your advertisement you need to claim the listing by joining us with a subscription package. If you do not wish to have your business advertised on our site, please contact us and we will promptly remove your listing.


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