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Promoting a listing gives you more control over what information you can display on our site.  Free listings offer basic contact information and can be claimed by registered business owners to enhance their listing.  Claimed listings can be promoted by subscription and be cancelled at any time. 

Free Listing

Our basic listings are a terrific place to start. Add your logo, practice name, short description, contact information, and the link to your website. You can upgrade a basic listing anytime to our Silver or Platinum package for added features and benefits.

Silver Package

Silver listing subscriptions are our most popular. You get the benefit of all features except getting featured.

Platinum Package

A platimum listing really gives you the best opportunity to promote your business and all its features. You get all listing features as well as a 1000 word featured archived article with images and SEO. This package is highly recommended.

Promo Article or Upcoming Event

Promote yourself with a full page article about your business or if you have an upcoming Event, you can promote it here and have links included in our montly newsletter.  Please contact us for these Extreme Exposure opportunities.

*Platinum subscribers automatically qualify for 1 Article and 1 Event listing